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Ethical Standard of The Study

Ethical Standards of The Study

Physical and psychological risks to subjects are minimized.

Physical and psychological risks to subjects are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits to those subjects and to the importance of the general knowledge that may reasonably be expected to result. Selection of subjects is equitable Informed consent is obtained, including at least the following items being communicated to potential participants or their authorised surrogates:

    • purposes of the research, its expected duration, and the nature of any interventions/experiments.
    • anticipated risks and benefits of participation and the reasonable alternatives to participation in the research protocol.
    • confidentiality provisions relating to the research records.
    • any compensation and/or treatment available for research related injuries.
    • the right to not participate and to discontinue participation at any time without penalty.
    • Informed consent will be documented appropriately.

In the modern conception, consent to a therapy or a research protocol must possess three features in order to be valid. It should be voluntarily expressed, it should be the expression of a competent subject, and the subject should be adequately informed.