Dr. Archana Chandra

Dr. Archana Chandra, MD, PA

Pri-Med Care enjoys this diversity of patients, because of our Family Practice Practioner, Dr. Archana Chandra, MD,PA. She is Board certified in Family Practice, 1995; Barberton Citizens Hospital (NEOUCOM) Barberton, Ohio with Active Texas Medical License since 1995, with 25 years of Clinical experience in patient care.

Area of Expertise

Dr. Archana Chandra, MD,PA has specialized expertise in:

  • Care for age 5 year to elderly patients
  • Care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease
  • Ear, nose and throat care
  • Emergency medical care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Mental and behavioral health care
  • Bone and joint care
  • Eye care
  • X-rays
  • Care of the urinary system
  • Well-woman care, reproductive counseling, family planning

Patients are Seen Immediately:


Dr. Chandra is currently seeing new patients. To schedule an appointment with us, please call our office at 972-353-8616, You can also use our online contact form for your convenience.

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